Puerto Rico San Juan

On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting warmer.....

More photos collected, so thought it was time for an update again...I was clever enough to lock myself out of the condo a week ago!  I had garbage bags in both hands with my bag over my shoulder, turned the lock, closed the door and realized that I had left the keys inside.  Fortunately, I had my phones, spanish books and a bottle of water.  I sent a text to the landlord hoping he had an extra key - he replied that he could come at 6pm...only problem was that it was about 11:15 am at the time.  I asked if he could come sooner since I was sitting on the step and he was able to come about noon.  So - I just enjoyed the breeze, drank water and studied spanish.  I have tried to get additional keys made at Home Depot and none of them work.  In fact, the most recent key got stuck in the lock today and I had to dismantle the lock to get it out. Then, the washer leaked again all over the kitchen floor and I learned that the landlord is out of town.  Oh well - have plenty of clothes!

Last Friday, I attended the Relief Society dinner at the Metro Ward/English speaking.  It was so nice to be able to understand the entire meeting.  Several of the families are FBI.  Then, on Saturday afternoon, Kathie Allred and I caught the Catano Ferry to Old San Juan for shopping and lunch.  The cost for the 10 min ride is 25 cents for 60+ and 50 cents for the younger folks.  I was happy to treat her for the ride....grand total of $1 for both of us round trip.

Yesterday, I was at the office on transfer day to see a Sister with a minor health issue and learned that a couple of the sisters didn't have transportation to their new area, Adjuntas.  With the Pres OK, I offered to take them.  After a quick stop at McDonald's for to-go lunch and a stop in Ponce for more baggage, the girls and I headed to the small jungle city. I felt like I was taking kids to college with all the bags, etc. in the trunk and back seat along with the 2 passengers. Initially, Adjuntas looked pretty bleak, but on the way out of town, I saw a neat town square with shopping and a fairly large supermarket.  If you look at the map, Adjuntas is north of Ponce and south of Arecibo.  Another new area to explore with huge bamboo trees and very curvy two lane roads.

Today, I took a couple sister missionaries out for lunch at the Crepe Maker.  The President thought they needed a little TLC, so we enjoyed lunch on the President's nickel :o)  Also, got the car washed and oil changed.  Pep Boys has the contract for the mission fleet.  I have included a variety of photos - Enjoy!  If you are planning to visit, get your reservations in early - Kris and Eric will be here 11 April and probably Thanksgiving, Dani/daughters from my last job are planning to come on 7 July and Heidi will probably visit in October. I am really looking forward to sharing my adventure!
View of Pool from my balcony

Boombox on top of the pick-up - PR advertise colleges, etc. by driving around town broadcasting

Heading to the Catano Ferry - Old SJ/El Moro in the background

Old San Juan

Blue paving in Old SJ

Weekend Vendors in Old SJ Parque

Adjuntas Chapel
Avocado from the roadside stand down the street - soft ball size
Size perspective - guinea bananas/avocado with my computer mouse


  1. You look great and I love the pics. You are having some great adventures and I know they must love having you there. Thanks for the update.

  2. Enjoyed the pics, Connie. That first paragraph sounded like an "I Love Lucy" episode. The updates are great. /mm

  3. Love it! I'm so excited to come visit. I put "watch" lists up on every travel site that lets me so I can track the airfare prices. There doesn't seem to be a "cheap" time from SLC, but that's okay. I'm not missing this chance to see you and that beautiful place you get to call home for 18 months.