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On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

 I had a pretty quiet week - only one trip to the ER - one of the Sister Missionaries was treated for a dog bite on her arm.  I now know where the 3 hospitals are located in Arecibo.  It was a beautiful drive along the coast until I found the right place.  The people of Puerto Rico are so kind and helpful - especially the Security Officers at the hospitals.  Taught one of them what a 'guard shack' is :o)  The sister is fine and was treated very professionally.  I was starting to get cabin fever yesterday afternoon when one of the Senior Elders called to let me know that our Senior Missionary gang was planning to meet at a restaurant for dinner.  We went to a great place called Crepe Maker - the food is similar to a tortilla wrap, but they use crepes instead - yum!  Hard to eat a flour tortilla after that!

After dinner, I drove to the apartment of one of the sisters who works in the Employment Center.  She was giving a perm/haircut to one of our Senior Sisters.  It was fun to take time to visit. 

I will be playing the piano for Sacrament Meeting in my ward for the month of March - familiar tunes/unfamiliar words.  Have been studying Spanish 1-2 hours a day on my own - waiting for contact with a tutor.  There is a great interactive language learning site - Duolingo.com - no cost to register and some great review activities for you/you kids who may be studying a language.

Bye for now..........

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  1. Siento lo de la mordedura de perro. Todo está bien que termina bien. Cada parte de su día ocupado suena como una aventura. Continuar el buen trabajo, Connie. - Miguel (aka Mike)