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On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

More fun times!

Thought I had better post again since I have some additional photos.  The only additional travel this week was to Cayey, just south of Caguas.  Another Dr. eval for one of the missionaries.  I am always happy for another opportunity to travel.  Last night, Sister Allred (Sparks, NV) and I had dinner at Macaroni Grill.  She works at the "employment office" which is located in the same building as the Mission Office.  The building is, actually, the first chapel built in Puerto Rico.  It was abandoned some time ago as a meetinghouse and now houses the office of the Facilities Manager and Institute location as well as the Mission and Employment offices.  As you can see, the Employment Center name and focus have changed in the Caribbean.  I understand that this is a pilot project and, also, encompasses the Perpetual Education Fund administration.  The center, previously open to all, now focuses on teaching self-reliance to the members, although members of the community will certainly be assisted as well.  Only members, however, can access funds from the PEF.  After Sis. Allred worked at the center this AM, we ventured out to the 2 story Walmart (I see online that Dallas has one now, too).  There are 2 shopping levels and a 4 story parking garage with ample parking and no long check-out lines.  Although elevators are available, I had to try out a 'down' ride on the escalator with my cart.  The belt on the escalator resembles that of a people-mover at the airport.  The cart attaches by magnets.  It was interesting that there were staff positioned at top and bottom to manage and monitor 'traffic'.  Also, there were security officers directing shoppers to available elevators.  Quite impressive and a very positive experience.  Definitely going back again when I need a trip to WalMart.  It is about 15-20 mins from my condo.  After a quick trip to the car with groceries, we went back in for lunch at Panda Express (that is the fast food restaurant in WM around here).  There is, also, an additional sandwich/salad area on the 2nd floor.  Now I have leftovers from Mac Grill and Panda :o)

My Spanish classes started this week - I will meet once a week with the coach and twice a week with my tutor.  Interestingly, my tutor is a young husband/father of a little girl who will graduate in April and has accepted employment with Ernst and Young in Dallas.  Will be fun to keep in contact with him.  I told Pres. Smartt today that I need more to do....just not one to sit around and do nothing when the 'kids' aren't calling.  He cautioned me to be careful what I ask for :o), but will probably find some office duties for me to work around any missionary health needs......I then added 'but I do have kids coming to visit for a week!'  His response.....we were at the office....."Get out of here and go have some fun!".......so we headed to Walmart!

"Employment Office"

Oldest LDS Chapel in PR - Wing to left of the ramp is the Mission Office

My New Favorite WalMart!!

Always a new adventure around here :o)

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