Puerto Rico San Juan

On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quick update!

I have been pretty good at staying out of trouble this week! No 'exciting' adventures for a change. Travels to Rio Grande on Monday and some new territory today - Aguas Buenas (east of Caguas), Juncos (west of Caguas), Carolina and Luquillo (north of Fajardo - on the coast).  Visited 4 missionaries today and discovered the beautiful Playa Azul (Blue Beach) in Luquillo (photos below).  Had an awesome time washing greasy, grimey bedroom windows yesterday - literally grease up to my elbows :o( - elbow grease???  At least, that is done!  The great thing is that I'm not even stiff after all the trips up and down the step stool!  Kris and Eric arrive tomorrow AM, so should have some interesting photos next week....see ya then!

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