Puerto Rico San Juan

On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

HOME AGAIN June 19, 2015 -

This is my final mission post!  The last months of the mission were busy with missionary health, zone conferences, etc.  I didn't do much sight-seeing since I had pretty much covered the island in miles and photos.  I did have one outing with Elder and Sister Porter to the Botanical Gardens in Caguas (photos to follow) and a few more opportunities for "Wendy's Therapy" with the young missionaries.  The Mission means many things to me: an opportunity to serve My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who have so richly blessed me, the joy in serving with dedicated Senior Missionaries and our outstanding President and Sister Boucher and above all, an opportunity to gain a powerful testimony of the Missionary Program and its effect on the growth of individuals, both new members and missionaries.  If you could literally watch grass grow, you have some idea of my experience as I watched our young missionaries grow to be comfortable in their own skins, develop commitment and testimonies of the Gospel, develop and contribute leadership - I could go on and on!  I now understand the many times I have heard: "when I was on my mission...."  Even serving as a senior missionary, my life is forever changed.  I have made a list in my journal of the 'stories' I collected as the Mission Nurse.  Believe me - truth is stranger than fiction.  Catch me offline sometime and I will share with you.  I have purposely not included many of the incidents in this blog out of respect for those who were the 'victims' of the health issues.  My heart hurts for those who are enduring the drought in Puerto Rico with many days without water.  This experience has motivated me to put in water storage and well as beef up food storage.  We never know what is ahead.....just need to heed and believe the Brethren.

While I am happy to be home again in the States with my family, I do shed a tear and my heart is full as I review the photos and remember the people who have touched my life.

After mission - I have relocated from the Dallas area to Franklin TN - a short distance south of Nashville.  What a beautiful area!!  My apartment is a quick 10 minute drive from the Chapel and Temple on adjoining property.  As I attended the Temple last evening, I truly felt that I was home.  With my home here, I am within about 3 hours drive of 14 grandchildren in TN and GA.  I look forward to keeping in touch with many new friends and, again, am so grateful for the opportunity to be a Returned Sister Missionary!  Thank you to my many new Facebook Friends who shared the mission experience.  I am so proud of you and your continuing accomplishments - marriage, school and even our very own All American!  You have taught me so much and enriched my life.  It is a joy to see the nature of your posts which assure me that you are still holding fast to the Iron Rod as we are scattered throughout the Caribbean, US, Central and South America.  Love you!

Bamboo along the road

Elder/Sister Porter at Caguas Botanical Gardens

Great pizza at Mike's with Lees and Eakles

Botanical Gardens

Signs of drought - Dry Flamboyan Trees



Roadside View with wandering chicken

Hermanas in the Mission Office

Sister Missionaries in front of their home

Lunch with Aguas Buenas Sisters
Best Food I Had in PR
Mission Home with my Chevy Cruze
Welcome Home in Dallas
New Apartment - Franklin, TN
Need to hang some pictures.....
Apartment Pool - Jade and Katrina visiting Grandma