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On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feeling guilty...Need to update :o)

Yep - I am feeling guilty....so much fun and not sharing it with you!  Time is flying and I am down to about 6 months left on my mission.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone with many choice experiences.  Elder/Sister Hugo Martinez of the Area Presidency were here on a Mission tour, we had a fun day on Thanksgiving and Christmas with the other Senior Missionaries, Elders/Sisters came and some went home, Kris/Family came to visit for Christmas and lots of sightseeing & beaches, and we enjoyed Puerto Rican Christmas music, lights and fireworks!  I will share the story in photos, mostly!  To add to the fun, Kristian was bitten by an Iguana at El Morro in Old San Juan.  We had the opportunity to have dinner at the mission home with the Mayaguez Zone so the kids had many opportunities to enjoy the missionaries, young and old!  Photos loaded out of order - sorry!  Have more that I will try to load - Happy, Healthy New Year to all!
Two types of Mofongo - not my favorite!

My 'Christmas Tree'

Lunch in Old SJ - Elder Scott made the whole family crowns from Palms

San Juan vs Santurce - PR Baseball

Rincon Lighthouse

View of the Caribbean from Rincon

Thanksgiving Parade at Kingston's in Dorado

Casa Febus Christmas Décor Shopping

Lions in Ponce - usually scattered around the park/city square

More Lions.....

Caguas Carousel

Kristian on Christmas Day - after the movie

More Casa Febus...

Kingston home - Thanksgiving - Mission cars - many white ChevCruzes

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