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On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lotsa photos again!

Not sure of what exactly has kept me busy lately, but I have tried to take photos of every new place.  In addition to assisting missionaries with health needs, we had a fun humanitarian project to make heart shaped pillows for donation to ladies who have had breast surgery to help support the affected side.  This week, my niece, Heidi, has been visiting from Salt Lake City and time has really flown by.  The photos will show some of the awesome sights we have enjoyed.  We have had a total of 25 cases of Chikungunya and one recent case of Hand/Foot/Mouth virus - not a fun time for these poor, hard-working Sisters and Elders.  Now this week - 3 sisters in the same apartment have head lice that one of the sisters got while visiting a family - of course, all of the sisters have long hair.  It has been fun to get many Facebook friend requests from 'my kids' who have gone home.  Each has a piece of my heart - truly an amazing generation!  It is still quite warm, but we missed the latest tropical storm/hurricane.  Unfortunately, Pres/Sister Boucher were not so lucky.  They were in Antigua for a Branch Conference on Sunday and planned to return on Monday.  When I spoke with Sister Boucher this afternoon, after no electricity at the hotel in Antigua, they were able to catch a Jet Blue flight to St. Maarten today and were to board another flight to San Juan.  She is not planning to sign up for any more island visits for a while.  Of course, General Conference was amazing and the missionaries really enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk.  I watched it at home on Saturday and Sunday AM, went to Caguas for a cook-out at the Wentzel's with the Caguas Zone missionaries, and then watched the closing session at the Caguas Stake Center.

Monday, the 13th, was "hump day" as I reached the 1/2 point in my mission.  I have become the Old Timer in the Mission Office and am looking forward to the same beautiful weather that greeted me in January.

Heidi and I celebrated with lunch at Senior Frog's in Old San Juan. On Monday afternoon, we took a drive to Aguas Buenas so Heidi could enjoy the roads in town which rival...or exceed...San Francisco in the roller coaster effect along with a quick visit to downtown Caguas and dinner with the Wentzels.  On Tuesday, we headed West to Rincon and spent a very relaxing time at the beach and a Bed/Breakfast.  Today, after some quick shopping, we headed east again through San Sebastian to the Arecibo Observatory which is always interesting even though this was my 4th visit.  Tonight was dinner at The Crepe Maker which is always yummy and Heidi will fly home tomorrow. 

Drive from Aibonito to Aguas Buenas

As above.....

Cemetery in Comerio

View from El Yunque rainforest

Coco Falls in El Yunque

El Morro in Old San Juan from Catano Ferry terminal

Heidi at Senor Frogs

The Atlantic Coast at Isabella

Stone Carving of the face of a Taino Indian, indigenous to Puerto Rico/Isabella

Shore at Rincon, PR

Heidi and I sat on the beach near the water and watched a few surfers - beautiful site and breeze!

Rincon Lighthouse near sunset

This and the following were taken from the Lighthouse area at sunset - breathtaking beauty!

Mango Beach Gift Shop

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