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On September 14, 2013 I received my call to serve as a Mission Nurse Specialist in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission for a period of 18 months. I am always up for a new adventure and look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

More Chikungunya!

We are up to 12 cases of Chikungunya now - 3 Elders and 9 Sister Missionaries.  They have a couple miserable days of rash, fever, and joint pain, but then seem to bounce back pretty quickly.  All we can do is encourage rest, fluids, and ibuprofen or tylenol for fever and pain.  They seem to be scattered all over the island.  I am thinking that we have more sisters since they are not as covered as the Elders with their long pants/shoes/socks.  

We have been busy with 13 new missionaries and 5 more went home.  As of last night, we have 201 missionaries including 5 Senior couples in the islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Antigua and Tortola) as well as 2 office couples and one couple who works all over the island contacting Stake and Ward Leaders.  They are really catching the vision of the importance of teaching individuals/families about the Plan of Salvation and how to return to Heavenly Father as Eternal Families.  Our young missionaries are truly an inspiration - even those with Chikungunya are hesitant to take time to rest.

September 13-14th was Stake Conference for the San Juan Stake.  I was humbled to be asked to play the piano for the meetings as well as for the choir.  I never dreamed I would ever have the opportunity to play for Stake Conference in Puerto Rico.  The Stake Center only has a piano while some of the wards have an electronic keyboard which will also switch to organ tones.

We have been having dinner at the Mission Home nearly every Sunday Evening as we have received new Senior couples.  The last to arrive was the Rays from Gilbert, AZ.  They flew to St. Kitts today.  The others are: Larsens - St. Croix, Starrs - Antigua, Wrights - Tortola and Bergers - St. Thomas.  The Lees arrived recently, as well, and are working in the office as secretary and finance while the Eakles handle cars and housing.  That is a big job with the recall for the Chevy Cruzes - about 70% of our cars need the repacement part and it takes a while for the dealer to get the new part.  Sister Boucher and Sister Eakle will be hitting hard on apartment inspections beginning tomorrow.  The expectations have been set and now comes the accountability.

I have been taking some miscellaneous photos:

Isabella Chapel

Elder/Sister Larsen

Elder/Sister Porter - Self Reliance Center

Elder/Sister Berger

Met up with the Elders (Montero - Dominican Rep and Ibarra - Argentina) on the Tren

Photo from the Tren

San Juan area from the Tren window

Another one!

Tren Interior - 75 cents each way

San Juan Stake Sisters Choir - New Blouses this time!!

Elder Paredes/Peru and Elder Siles/Bolivia

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